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South Eastern Allstars offers a range of dance classes in all genres for students of all ages and abilities, from 3-year-olds up to adults.


Classical ballet (Royal Academy of Dance)

SEA teaches the Royal Academy of Dance classical ballet syllabus, studied by some 250,000 students worldwide a year. We offer classes from pre-primary ballet classes for students 4 and older through all levels up to Advanced Foundation level.

Private dance lessons

SEA coaches are available for private lessons throughout the week for all dance genres. This is a great way to work on your individual needs and get one-on-one attention. Simply contact our reception to book a private lesson at a suitable time.


We deliver the Tap syllabus of the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing, which establishes the foundations of a strong tap technique through age-appropriate, challenging exercise that establish technique, rhythms and timing.


Jazz dancing is an energetic, fun form of dance, covering routines from musicals and concerts. We teach the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus.


There are no rules or guidelines for contemporary dance: no boundaries! SEA teaches strong foundational technique and how to express yourself through movement. Our classes include technical exercises and a broad movement vocabulary: dynamic, lyrical and athletic movement that includes inverting, twisting, expanding and contracting. Classes rehearse and perform choreographic pieces for the midyear display and the annual end-of-year performance.

Hip hop

Hip hop is a free, funky and soulful street-style dance movement from the Bronx in New York. SEA holds hip hop classes up to advanced level, offering students the opportunity to create their own style with challenging choreography in a fun, enjoyable environment.


SEA acrobatics classes range from Tiny Tumble Acro level (ages 3-5) up to advanced level. Classes teach floor work, cartwheels, round offs, hand springs, walkovers and aerial and partner work. To make acrobatic work appear seamless, our coaches prioritise strength, flexibility and control.

Lyrical dancing

Lyrical dancing fuses ballet, jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Classes teach students to be expressive and emotive through dance, to develop good technique and to work as a group. Students have the opportunity to enter dance competitions and perform for the midyear display and the annual end-of-year performance.


Pom is a fast-paced combination of cheerleading and dance. SEA’s classes teach the precise, sharp arm lines and movements, the pattern work and the regular, smooth position changes essential for effective, eye-catching routines. It’s a fun, team-orientated sport that use poms for 80% or more of each routine. Routines include synchronisation and visual effect, clean and precise motions and strong pom technique, and they incorporate dance technical elements. Visual effect includes level changes, group work, formation changes and the use of different colour poms.

Musical theatre

SEA’s conducts musical theatre classes. Classes develop a strong foundation in jazz technique, and students combine dance, acting and singing to create some musical theatre magic!